Wednesday, 19 December 2007

The Bangor A-team

Since being at Bangor I’ve been lucky enough to paddle with some top people. People I would literally trust my life with if it ever came to it. The Ateam are just a bunch of guys who for me are a personification of the sport, living life to the full and paddling for the fun of it… some are hardcore experienced creek boaters and some have just started paddling this year. But their all guys who I really like watching my back on and off the water, I just thought I’d stick this post up to pay a lil homage to my mates.

The Bangor A-team are
Ed Scanlon
Andrew Davies

Alex James
Verity Coleing
Mike Walsh
Sam Davies
Pete “prozzy” Hooker
Chris Hughes

+ a load of others that I dont wanna miss out but dont seam to have photos of on my PC - but watch this space as im sure they will feature on here whenever I get to take my camera out with me!

I’m hoping to film a video this year set around some of the great British rivers, watch this space… I’m hoping as many of the A-team as possible will get themselves involved. Its a project I've been playing with for sometime now but now it looks like im finaly going to get it finished lol.