Thursday, 4 October 2007

New toys

Thought I’d quickly do a bit of a write-up of 2 of my new favourite bits of kit from extrasport. I’m currently writing up my thoughts on their other bits of gear that I’ve been using extensively over the last 2 weeks and I’ll stick there up here asap when I get chance, but I love these two bits so much I thought I should share it with the world!

Extrasport hydration bladder.

Ever been half way down a river when suddenly you need a drink? You don’t really want to pop your deck to get your bottle out and its miles till the get-off… well this isn’t a problem with the Pack Retro! It fitsonto almost all PFD’s with a special retrofit kit (supplied) and will strap directly onto any retrofit PFD’s such as my Pro-Creeker.

The one liter hydration pack is plenty for most people and the piggyback system is also large enough to fit a mars bar or something… (I’m always running out of pocket space so I loved this feature – just be a wear that this isn’t what the bag was designed for though so be careful not to damage the internal bladder.)

The mouthpiece is big and chunky and makes sucking up your liquid a snap!

Although this isn’t available in the UK just yet its pretty easy to find online from American stores and most are more than willing to post to the UK,

Extrasport Rope trick throwline

What always frustrates me about 90% of throwbags on the market is how the bag is always about 1/3rd too small… no matter how hard you try there never seams to be enough room for all the rope. This isn’t a problem with the extrasport bag however! Its got loads of room, and its clever mesh sides also allow for super fast drying and drainage meaning you don’t have to deal with a sloppy mess at the end of every day.

To throw it does the job just as well as every other line on the market, being around 18m long its also long enough for 99% of river situations.