Monday, 12 March 2007

NSR 2007

What an awesome event... Unfortunately my performance this year pretty much matched up to how well I did last year… Although it has encouraged me to go out and practice my play boating some more! In fact me and Jessie will be looking at going on a play boating holiday this summer in the van (which should be awesome!)

Saw a few Dragorossis popping up here and there… an orange squashtail and two red fish’s but we where still very much outnumbered… ahh well maybe next year.. we’ll certainly see Jessie in DR if Corran makes a little persons one sometime soon.
My personal highlight of the whole weekend was mine and Jessie’s topo duo race (see footage below).

It really was an amazing weekend and props should go out to meg (club vice captain and general organiser of people) for organising the logistics of moving 33 drunks from Bangor all the way to Nottingham!

P.S. this is my first event with Bangor university (since being made captain) where I haven’t been striped naked… This is a memorable occasion for me!